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PapierWespe is a center for hand paper making and paper art. Our intention is to combine modern artistic, scientific, traditional and handcrafted methods.

Workshops form a core part of our operation. We also concentrate on the development of artistic concepts commissioned to us by clients and artists, in addition to making our own creations. We provide a high quality programme and bring in specially qualified instructors from abroad.

Based in the center of Vienna close to the southern raiwaystation. Equipped with a Hollander beater, press, pulpsprayer, drying box, moulds and more.

Accomodation: We can pick you up from the station as well as from the airport – Wien Schwechat. We are happy to book a room for you at a hotel nearby.

Free time: In your free time you can make use of the small paper library and browse through current periodicals. Furthermore the studio is ideally located, it is in walking distance from the Belvedere castle, the Hundertwasserhaus and the depot for modern art. Easy to reach is also the Viennese Prater, the Central Cemetery or the Museum for Applied Arts. Most of Viennas important sights can be reached by underground within few stations (3 stops from Stephansplatz/St. Stephens).

Please bring proper clothing and waterproofed shoes. We are also looking forward to a documentation of your artwork.

Medium: Our workshops are held in German and English.

Please ask for translation of our workshop texts.

Further Information and Booking:
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Phone: +43 676 77 33 153

Aimee Lee in Vienna's Book and Paper Art Studio

Japanese, Korean and Nepalese papermaking: Papers from Asia

Learn Asian papermaking techniques from the leading American hanji scholar and artist, Aimee Lee. With the inner bark fiber of the paper mulberry tree, students will learn to cook and process raw plant material to prepare for long-fibered sheet formation. They will use the most ancient Asian way of making paper in floating moulds as well as the current method of dipping and throwing used widely in Asia and across the world. We will look at traditional finishes like kon'nyaku (plant starch) and kakishibu (persimmon juice) to coat papers after drying. These sheets will be thin, strong, and translucent – perfect for drawing, books, and textile applications.
Material € 40,00; Workshop € 210,00, 4th and 5th Feb 2017, 9am-5pm

Paper Thread and Weaving: Shifu and Jiseung

The transformation of paper into thread, and thread into cloth or baskets, seems miraculous at first. In this class, students will learn how to make two different kinds of paper strands: continuous thread to sew, knit, crochet, and weave; and paper cords that are like ropes to twine into three-dimensional baskets and objects. Durable and versatile hanji (Korean paper) will be provided to slice and spin into thread, and to tear and twist into cords. We will discuss old and new methods to coat artwork, from plant starch and persimmon juice to methylcellulose. Throughout, students will learn the history and folklore of these ancient Asian crafts.
Material € 50,00; Workshop € 180,00, 6th and 7th  Feb 2017, 9am-5pm

Joomchi: Paper Fusion

The amazing qualities and strength of hanji will be revealed as students use water and their hands to texture and fuse paper. Two types of hanji (Korean paper) will be provided for experimentation as students learn to texture a sheet of paper so that it mimics fabric, and to combine multiple pieces of paper using joomchi, an historical Korean technique that has seen a huge resurgence not only in its home country, but around the world. These pieces can stand alone as 2- and 3-D collage art, or be further transformed by the book artist, fashion designer, or fiber specialist. Students will leave with an array paper samples and the techniques to continue working on these projects at home with a minimum investment in supplies and tools.
Material € 20,00; Workshop € 100,00, 8th Feb 2017, 9am-5pm

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Other Workshops 2017

  • Book:

    • Bookbinding Basics: 21. + 22.01. or 7. + 8.10.
    • Glue/Screw/Clasp:18. + 19.02. or 12. + 13.07. or 23. + 24.09.
    • Flexible Parchment Book: 25. + 26.02.
    • Repairment of Books: 10., 11. + 12.03. or 10., 11. + 12.11.
    • Cassette made to measure: 8. + 9.04
    • The Arists Book: 16., 17. + 18.07
    • Box, Cassette, Portfolio: 21. + 22.10
    • Long Stich, Coptic and Criss Cross Binding: 24., 25. + 26.11

  • Paper and related subjects:

    • Bamboo, Light, Paper (paperlamp): 25. + 26.02. or 18. + 19.03. or 18. + 19.11.
    • Papermaking Basics: 21.04
    • Paper Composed in Layers: 22. + 23.04
    • Suminagshi and Shibori: 24.02. or 17.03. or 17.11.
    • Decorative Paper: 25. + 26. 05
    • Decorative Paper and Bookbinding: 27. + 28.05
    • Paper Jewelry: 15.07
    • The Arists Book: 16., 17. + 18.07
    • Silent Papermaking: 19. + 20.07

    • Dyes from Plants: 6. + 7.05 or 8. + 9.07
    • Print with Photopolymerplates: 8. + 9.07
    • Cyanotype: 10. + 11.07 or 2. + 3.09
    • Urushi – Japanese Laquering Basics: 26. – 29.10

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